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Christian Johann Georgiev-Fries

Integrated Designer


Chris is working as an integrated designer and multimedia artist. He has been creating various graphics, videos, and photos for numerous startups and corporations in Europe and in the States for the past 10 years. His passion for design stems from his background in fine arts. Chris has been showing his art works around the world in hopes to engage his viewers in a most peculiar way.  His most notable exhibits have been in the Modern Art Museum of Tulsa, Oklahoma at the AHHA, in Vienna, Austria aboard the Art Un-Anchored festival on the M.S. Stadt Wien, and at Dessous Art Space an innovation art lab in Vienna. When he isn't creating designs or art, he has been know to curate an art exhibit here and there, over 100 in total as an emerging curator.

A mixture of classical and contemporary European/Americana culture inspires Chris’ designs, art works and art collection. He draws his influences further from his artist friends whose works are defining an era of post contemporary art and design trends. The 90’s and 80’s also play a huge part in Chris’ overt style. 

Chris also makes short documentary films about the human condition, the world, and anything that presents an interesting point of view. He has created a series on artists and cultural workers. His work has been investigating how they want to show their art works to publicize the growing need for our society to support and empower cultural workers and agents of change.



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